Unable to Make or Receive calls on Network extender

Good evening.  On my Samsung S10+ incoming phone calls will ring twice on the callers end and go straight to voice mail.  My phone will not ring nor will it show that i hava a missed call.  I can sometimes make a call when on the network extender, but always have to restart my phone.  These problems began when i purchased my new 4G LTE network extender. There are 4 other phones in my house on the Network Extender and none have this issue. All of them are iPhones, if that matters. I have done the #48, i have checked to ensure there are no blocked numbers, BT is off, No call forwarding is on, i have gone to Verizon and had the Sim card replaced.  I do not have this problem when i am away from the extender. I can make and receive calls with no problems. I have done a Network reset settings and complete factory reset on my phone but nothing has worked. I have very poor reception where i live and need a network Extender. Please help.

 Thank you.   

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Thank you for getting back to us. With regard to the device has there been any recent updates on the device at all? When going into your settings have you tried turning off HD Voice. Please use the steps provided here https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-223035/. Once this is completed please test the device connection.