Unable to Send Group MMS Messages during Wildfire Evacuations

My family who is spread out throughout California were trying to carry on a group text regarding Wildfire evacuations (They have Apple phones and I am the only one with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and we are all on the Verizon network).  When I would try to send or reply to a group MMS message, my phones messaging app (Textra) would freeze for 15-20 minutes then error/time out.  I can successfully send texts to a single user at a time.  It appears that the "Network Process" hangs when trying to send or reply to a group MMS.  This is horrible, especially since we were trying to coordinate Wildfire Evacuations.  Textra has advised the cell carries the four lines of code that is causing the problem, and have asked that they send out an update.  I guess that has fallen on deaf ears.  My apps and phone software are all up to date.  When will Verizon address this issue in such a bad time here in California?

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Re: Unable to Send Group MMS Messages during Wildfire Evacuations
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pctek, I totally understand your concern especially during the wildfire.  Staying connected to your love ones right now is vital. Let's work together on this. Textra is a 3rd-party app which we would not send out an update for. Have you tried sending the messages from the default messaging app on your phone?