Unable to USB-tethering Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Window 7 PC
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have a Galaxy Note 3 (SM-900V) running Android 4.4.2 .I have installed the latest driver and Kies 3 versions from Samsung.

My PC runs Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 on a Pentium (R) 3.4 GHz CPU 32-bit with 4 G RAM

When I try to transfer files to/from the PC/phone, or even access the phone from the PC to see the folder tree,  I get the results below. I have checked the USB cables and ports; the problem is not in the physical connection.

  1. When I connect the USB cable try to open the phone in Windows Explorer, it appears to try to index the drive, (glacial green progress bar across the top) which takes at least 5 minutes and sometimes never completes at all.  I have to restart Windows Explorer to get out of this
  2. When I run Kies 3, sometimes it will connect and sometimes it won’t. If it connects and I ask it to find music, it churns for ever without showing evidence of connection, If I ask for photos or videos it immediately shows there are 0 of them, (There are lots of music, image and video files on my phone.)
  3. If I go to “More Settings > Tethering > Mobile Broadband Connect” and "Check to tether", then it checks my subscription status for five minutes or so. Then sometimes it shows an an error message saying it cannot find software on my computer that will allow it to connect. Other times I just get a message saying it couldn't connect with no comment about finding software.

This same phone seems to connect fine with Windows 8.1 on another machine, without using Kies. (Please don’t suggest that I install Windows 8 on this machine as Win 8 is another wonderful Microsoft product that wish I didn't have.)

Any other suggestions will be welcome as I have run out of things to try short of resetting the phone which has always struck me a burning down your house to get rid of mice.