Unable to reply to a short code

I have looked through numerous threads and none have the fix, as of yet. Many replies said that a direct message was sent to the poster presenting the problem.

I have a Samsung 6, Android Version 6.0.1 latest security 12/1/16. Using MESSAGES as default messaging application

When I hit reply, I get an exclamation point message that it did NOT send. When I open the message details, the error says: FAILED Error Code:ADDR.VCNT.

1. I have restarted a million times.

2. I do not have any services in the BLOCKED SERVICES area.

3. I have went to messages, force stop, tapped storage and clicked CLEAR DATA

4. I have went to all permissions/messaging/ everything is normal to send/receive SMS & MMS, read texts & receive texts (WAP)

5. It is ALL short codes that I cannot reply to, new ones that I have never even sent a reply before to.

6. Send premium messages is set to ALWAYS ALLOW.

7. I have went into Messages+ to see if there was a setting in there, even though I do not use it.

I cannot reply to the bank short code to say LAST to show transaction, I cannot reply to confirm a text reminding me of appointment.

I USED to be able to do this and have not for a while. I had contacted VZW chat about this some time ago. There HAS to be a way to fix this that doesn't require wiping of the phone. If someone has a direct message, I will be glad to hear how you fixed others.



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Re: Unable to reply to a short code

Have you tried switching your default messaging app and tried sending the reply via another app?

Re: Unable to reply to a short code
Customer Service Rep

We’re sorry to hear you’re having such trouble sending a premium messages, KENZUM79. We definitely want you to have access to all messages. We appreciate the steps you have taken so far and would like to continue to dig into this. Please change your permission settings to “ask”. Then try to send a message. It will ask permission to send. Please let us know how this goes. When was the last time you were able to send a premium message? Have you tried any other premium messages?

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Re: Unable to reply to a short code

Mine is on the new Galax 10 Note. I tried to have Tech fix it but she got on my nerves when she told me to reset everything to factory settings. I refused since it took me a long time to configure the phone. This is getting very annoying and disruptive for me and my business. As soon as possible I will leave this incompetent company that so far has given me more grief than any other provider. You think AT&T is bad, just you wait until you have to deal with Verizon. Zero stars!!!

Re: Unable to reply to a short code

Message Not Sent, Tap to try again. FIXED!


Click - Settings

Click - Apps

Click - Special app access

Click - Premium SMS access

Click - Messages. (Three options will come up)

Select "Always allow" or "Ask"

CLICK HERE for a video explanation.

Re: Unable to reply to a short code

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