Unable to send or receive texts

I have just swopped my service carrier from AT&T to Verizon last night. I now cannot sent out texts but am receiving some messages.

I use my phone all day long for work, both calls and texts. I need to correct this immediately!

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Re: Unable to send or receive texts
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Is this after updating? There are quite a lot of people facing network related issues and they are all those who switched carriers while keeping the old devices. What I've noticed is that the devices they have are carrier specific and not meant to be unlocked and moved around between carriers... initially it works then after the update the phone has issues because it's trying to install another carrier's software. Check your model number, it would likely say G###U (s series) or N###U (note series)... verizon's devices end with a ###V...

by the way, what model do you have.


Re: Unable to send or receive texts
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We understand how important it is for your service to work as expected. It sounds like the port wasn't completed. Check your port status here: https://www.verizon.com/switch-to-verizon/ . - BrittanyC_VZW