Unable to uninstall Link to Windows app
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Galaxy S10

Android: 10


I am unable to uninstall the "Link to Windows" app from my phone.


I have gone to Settings/Apps and clicked "Link to Windows" app and there is not an option to uninstall.


I have unlinked my phone from my PC/Windows 10 and from my online MS account.


If I try to tap/hold the “Link to Windows”, it doesn’t produce an uninstall option either.


How do I uninstall this app from my phone?

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Re: Unable to uninstall Link to Windows app
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If the app is built-in or comes with the phone software, then you might only be able to DISABLE it.

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Re: Unable to uninstall Link to Windows app
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Good day, karaptian. Some applications cannot be uninstalled from your phone but you are to disable them as per this link (https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-222928/).


The Link to Windows App is not a Verizon Wireless application and we have very limited support for it. Please contact the phone manufacturer for further assistance with this application (https://www.samsung.com/levant/support/mobile-devices/what-is-link-to-windows/).


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