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Undo Jellybean?

Hello, I know there are so many knowledgable folks out there.  Wondering if you all can help.  I want to undo the latest update....jellybean.  Before the update I had terrible signal strength and terrible call/speaker quality.  I always say talking on the GNEX is like talking on a cheap walkie talkie.  After four CLNRs, all worse than my original handset, I still have the original.  I had essentially given up on the GNEX and am just waiting out the next eight months with this terrible excuse for a phone.  Now with jellybean, I have the original problems plus.wifi issues.  I had distance issues before, like if I was more than ten feet from the router I would have sporadic/weak signal.  Now I completely lose wifi and when I go in and try to check it, it says something like it is temporarily disconnected due to a weak signal.  Yet the signal monitor shows it has a strong signal.  It can be sitting right next to the router.  I have to reboot and reset the wifi and the password to undo this.  I am also having charging issues.  It shows a lightning it's charging in the battery icon continuously.  Whether it's charging or not.  Then if I get the low battery notification at like 14%, it sounds like every second or two and shows on the screen.  That just sucks the life out of the battery and it is dead within a minute.  Also, the battery life has become absurd.  It was what I consider normal it is dead by noon with little or no use.  I know this phone isn't going to be perfect, I just want it to be usable.


Re: Undo Jellybean?
Customer Support

Hey kabull,

I wanted to start by saying that I am very sorry that your phone has presented so many problems, both before and after the update. I wanted to let you know that there isn't any way that you are able to "downgrade" back to the software version before Jellybean. Since this is true, we can, however, troubleshoot your device to make sure we resolve all the issues that you have had and make sure that we get you a device that works great!

You stated that you had call and speaker issues. When did these start? Has this been an issue on all of your replacements? If so, we aren't looking at a device issue then. It is very rare to have the same issue present itself in multiple devices, so we have to find the other commonality. Also, the issues that you have with wi-fi, does this happen with all networks or just your home network? Have you tried resetting your router at all to see if it helps with the signal strength? In regards to the charging indicator, you said that it appears if the phone is charging or not. I did not find any reports of this, so I would like to ask, do you have any battery saver or task killer applications? They can severely impact the performance of the device and present issues such as the one you are stating. Please respond and we'll make that phone great for you!


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Re: Undo Jellybean?

If you want to downgrade just Google "Downgrade Galaxy Nexus."