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It's been years now:  when is Verizon, in my humble opinion, going to stop lying about the fact that they are locking us out of our phone's features, specifically in an effort to gouge every last penny from it's customers? I paid A LOT of money for an S23 Ultra, Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, Galaxy Tab Ultra, Galaxy watches, and two pro-level Galaxy Books. Everything but the computers and tablet were purchased from Verizon. Aaaand...  I can't interconnect any of them! Here's but a small taste of the Bee-Ess you get, when you use Verizon [or more accurately let them use you]:

*Verizon won't allow the 5g Tab Ultra in the US, even though they make it for Europe and even though the consumer base was clamoring for it. 

*Verizon limits data transfer via Mobile Hot Spot [if it's even usable], likely to push buying connected mobile devices, instead of Wi-Fi only ones.. But uh, see above. 

*Verizon refuses to allow the ability to link my phone number to my tablet so I can "call & text on other devices", because.. Well, why exactly? Just to exercise some dominance over customers? I dunno.

*The only messaging service that will [reluctantly]  link from device to device is Message+, which is a problem: HALF THE REASON PEOPLE BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS IS TO USE THE NATIVE SOFTWARE. It's the closest that you can get to an Apple device, without losing the benefits of an Android. Benefits that Verizon nullifies! It also stops people from [completely] linking the Google ecosystem from device to device.

*VERIZON DOESN'T HAVE A PHONE NUMBER THAT IS REALISTICALLY REACHABLE! And when you do reach them, they charge you $10.00 "for the convenience of operator assistance". I'm not joking. The only other option? Spend lunch break typing dumb requests on the My Verizon app.. The app that constantly crashes halfway through a message, meaning you have to start.. all.. over!! (Three times so far.) Same thing happens during chats on the app. Never fails, cuts off within two minutes. Every. Single. Time. 

So Verizon, what say you? 


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