Unlocked Device & HD Voice/ HD Video Call

Hi, For those of you who have an unlocked device how all did you get HD Voice/HD Video Call on your device? I have my carrier as Verizon and HD Voice/ HD Video Call enabled on my account but how do I get it on my device?  I know now  your suppossed to have Verizon version phone but I didn't know before  their must be a way to get it on my unlocked device though? I was able to get all of the other Verizon things on it by downloading them on it but for some reason I can't get HD Voice/HD Video Call. Please Help Me On Being Getting HD Voice/ HD Video Call On My Unlocked Device. I know now in the future to get a Verizon version phone.I didn't know before. 

Please Help Anyone. I Would Really Appericate It. Thank You

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Re: Unlocked Device & HD Voice/ HD Video Call
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Hello, there! We understand your concern and would like to further look into your issue. We've sent you a Private Message for further assistance. ~Christian