Unlocked Galaxy S10... MMS and other problems

I bought a Galaxy S10, factory unlocked. The phone performs worse than my Motorola Z2 I had in terms of connection and also will not send MMS. Is this because it is an unlocked phone? I have tried restarting and resetting everything. 

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Re: Unlocked Galaxy S10... MMS and other problems
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We are sad to hear that your phone is having an issue with MMS messages, mct601. We are here to help.


Anytime a phone being used with us is not a phone manufactured for our network, there can be certain functions that do not work like they would with phones that are made for us. This can affect calls, text, and data. 


We can certainly help trouble shoot the issue with you, but because the phone is not a Verizon phone may be the reason you are having that issue.


What happens when you try to send an MMS from your phone? Are you using the Messages app or did you download our Message+ app? Is this issue happening even when your phone has a 4G LTE signal and Wi-Fi is turned Off?