Unlocked Note 9, verizon service, Galaxy watch

I have an unlocked  Note 9 with Verizon 4g LTE service and have only1 issue.

I have been patiently waiting for the Galaxy watch to be available with Verizon service.

Wasted time! Although the BT pairing went off with out any issues, the Note 9 nimber pairing does not work with an Unlocked Note 9 regardless of what service you have. According to Verizon tech support, the unlocked version of the Note 9 does not have advanced phone capabilities!

A thousand$ phone does not have what is necessary to share #'s?

Made worse by talking to 2 different Samsung tech support personnel and each having a different story. 1 said it will not work, the other said it will so, called customer support and asked sales the same question.The answer "I don't know but, if it doesn't I can return it within 14days".

If anyone out there knows the story and has an answer for it, I would appreciate what you can pass along to the forum.

Before leaving the Verizon sales center, I returned the Galaxy Watch and of course, received a refund.

To bad it's too late to return the Note 9 which I do not want to do but, I don' need a $400 brick either. I have a need for the LTE service on the watch. Which bye they wat, I'm also told that the watch will not work stand alone with a separate # either.

Re: Unlocked Note 9, verizon service, Galaxy watch
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I have an unlocked Note 9 and a Galaxy Watch as well.  I did not have any problems linking the watch to the phone via Bluetooth.

Re: Unlocked Note 9, verizon service, Galaxy watch
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FS23454, with such a wonderful new phone I know that I would be anxious to use all of the features. The true confirmation is something that may only be received by attempting that activation. When working with a device that was originally created for another manufacturer, even though it is then unlocked, some features may not work on our network. For this reason, we can never guarantee that full connectivity until we activate and attempt that connection. As Stargazer72460 mentioned, some unlocked phones will have the compatibility that you are looking for. Should you wish to attempt that activation and connection, we will be standing by to assist. 


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