Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

What is required for me to get access to the Verizon nationwide 5G network on my unlocked phone? Do I need a firmware update?

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Re: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
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Hi there FBOL - we definitely want you to be able to take advantage of our awesome 5G network. There are two things that are required when it comes to accessing our 5G network. The first is that your phone will need a software update. With your device being unlocked, you will need to please contact Samsung directly to see when they will be supplying you with this software update. You will also need to have a compatible plan to have the 5G nationwide access. Can you please tell us what exact plan you have?  AliciaD_VZW

Re: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
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So, are you saying that if someone has a 5g unlimited data plan and a  Verizon 5G phone that is updated with all current software (per the phone menu) that a Verizon user has to "do something else" in order to get 5G service???  - - This doesn't make a lot of sense...  No one ever told me that!