Unwanted International Dialing Problem
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Here's an interesting problem I can't seem to figure out.  Verizon techs can't either...

Both of our new S21 Ultras can dial local numbers with no issue.  But...

If we're looking at visual voice mail and tap a number link from there to dial it, a warning pops up tell us we're placing an international call.  Ditto for tapping number links on web pages.  It doesn't happen when dialing from our contact lists, or manually dialing.  

The numbers are all local numbers in the 210 area code, but show up as +1 210 ###-#### after tapping the visual voice mail or web page link.  I'm thinking it's the +1 that's causing the issue, but I can't figure out how to remove it.

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Re: Unwanted International Dialing Problem
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I am sorry to hear you're having trouble making calls on both devices when you use Visual Voice Mail to place the call, carlosj62. I use Visual Voice Mail and know something about the what you covered. I appreciate all your efforts in reaching out to our tech support. Let me approach your concern from a different angle based on the information you shared because I am in tech support just like if you call us. Please note there can be issues with using Visual Voice Mail does have issues with dialing numbers depending on how the message was received to your Visual Voice Mailbox and in a different file format. The issue is not the +1 as certain numbers can not use the dial back option using Visual Voice Mail. So with that said, that's why it's better to manually dial the number or use it from your contacts if the number is present. This will avoid errors with the number calling unwanted internationally. I trust this information helps.




Edwin_L  VZWsupport