Updates & Bad Mistakes
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Does anyone else have updates every week to month?. I've had this phone, Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra ultra, for 12-14 months. In all my years of having a mobile phone I've never had this many updates, not with all my phones together have I!!!! Every Time it updates my phone has Major problems! MAJOR! Sick of it!!! I do restart &/or turn off then back on. Verizon service is getting bad! I'm so over this and vzw service, phones, updates, and pricing. I had 2 updates in the last 10 days alone. Bet I've had 20+ updates since I got this one.... Bout to demand a new phone or transfer service to another mobile provider. Approx 5 days ago it updated & now calls coming in or going out have to be recalled or call backs because no one can hear me/us. Sometimes it takes 2-3 times of recalling before service works. 

Jeanetta D Hendrix
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Re: Updates & Bad Mistakes
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Hi there. These updates are actually issued by the manufacturer, and we have no control over them. I do know they did recently release an update that caused a lot of issues, now more are being released to fix that one. I would suggest looking at the Samsung Website as there may be information there about these updates.