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I just ordered the S7 Edge as an upgrade to my Note 4.  Can I transfer all my apps and files to the new device or do I need to reinstall fresh?  I know alot of stuff is stored on my Verizon Cloud  so I'm mainly concerned with apps, email accounts and passwords.

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Making sure all of your information is transferred can be a handful. Let's make sure you are on the right track. In regards to your documents, files, applications, and passwords. There is a possibility that you will lose them and have to reenter all of them. If you have a recent back up of your previous phone already saved you can restore from that back up. If you do not know what your passwords are I would suggest writing them down for future reference.
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If you download Samsung's Smart Switch (replacement for Kies 3) and install  it on your computer, you can backup most of the content on your phone.  After you get the new phone you can restore the content, but you may not be able to restore everything that you originally backed up.