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I'm upgrading from an iPhone 6s to a Samsung A51.  (Galaxy A series is not an option on your drop down menu)   IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO TO MAKE THE PROCESS HARDER?   I logged into my account, chose to pick up the phone at the Norfolk VA Verizon Store, chose a phone, chose options, entered my CC info, attempted to enter my phone number and had to wait to receive a text of a security code.  Retrieved the text, went back to my account and had to start all over again TWICE!  Started a chat with one of your representatives.  They were going to complete my purchase.  Unfortunately they chose a different phone, different color, different capacity, different price. I cancelled that and went back to the online purchase.  Ticked thru everything, re-entered my info, another security code, finally got to confirm the order and BAM!  Instead of a pickup, the phone will be delivered on Sunday.   NOT WHAT I WANTED!  WHY does your process require that I verify my phone number in the middle of a purchase?  YOU'VE BEEN BILLING ME AT THAT NUMBER FOR OVER 10 YEARS!   All I wanted was a new phone, pick up tomorrow.  I already had an appointment at the Norfolk store.  This could have been so much easier.  And it will be next time, when I switch to AT&T!

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Why would someone go to AT&T on purpose?

I've been ordering my past phones without getting Verizon involved and that's been working out much better.

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RC_Mann, we certainly don't want to see you leave and apologize for the experience you've had with our upgrade process. Please note that for account security purposes, we implement protections such as the security code to minimize fraud and increase protection on your account. To confirm, were you able to complete the order?