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V Cast on Computer Can't find pictures on Fascinate

I've downloaded V Cast Media Manager and it appears to be working alright, but when I connect my Fascinate and go through the indicated steps to download photos from the Fascinate to my Computer, it doesn't see any photos. I know they're there because my "Gallery" is full.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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Re: V Cast on Computer Can't find pictures on Fascinate



Mistake #1:  You actually tried to follow the instructions in the user manual.

Mistake #2:  You downloaded V Cast Media Manager.


Don't feel bad.  Been there done that.  Try this:


Transferring the Fascinate's files to a PC:


  1. Set phone to mass storage:  Go to Menu > Settings > USB Settings > USB Mode > Mass Storage > Home.
  2. Assuming that you have a PC go to either Computer or My Computer.  Note which devices are present, for example DVD Drive (F) or maybe Flash Drive (G).
  3. Connect the cable to your phone / PC.  Note a new device should now be visible on your PC.  Mine came up as Removable Disk (I).  You can later rename this to say Fascinate (I) if you like.
  4. Pick up the phone and go to Notifications > USB Connected > Mount.
  5. Back to the PC click on Removable Disk ( ) > DCIM > Camera.  You will see all of your picture and video files here.  You can view, send to, move, edit, copy, delete, mail, play, or whatever, right from here if you want.


Re: V Cast on Computer Can't find pictures on Fascinate

Thanks for the laugh - and thanks for the real info, too.  However... this particular problem went *way* beyond my own ineptitude. Turns out there was a bad driver on the phone. They're sending me a new one because it's still under warranty.


The reason for my need to obtain yet another community account may fundamentally have to do with my ineptitude... or perhaps the UI?  <shrug>