VZ Media album just Disappeared on my Galaxy S21.

A few days ago, I was looking for some photos that had been texted to me -- which always save to a folder called VZ Media.  The folder, which I'm sure contained hundreds of photos and videos, is gone!! Can you help, Verizon??? Or is this a Samsung issue? There's a post from last year that indicates a VZ Media album was lost right after a system update.  But I haven't had an update since October.  And, this just happened around 11/23.  (I know this because I saved several photos from a text on the 24th, and they are the ONLY photos in my VZ Media album now.  It just started all over.)

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Re: VZ Media album just Disappeared on my Galaxy S21.
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Thanks for reaching out. We want to make sure your memories and photos are saved. Let's get a few details. How are you normally backing up your phone information?