Verizon Corporate Store Stole My Phone on Trade In and Submitted False IMEI Trades
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On March 8th, 2021 a Verizon Corporate Store at zip code 57701 filed a trade in for a S21 Ultra and appearantly stole or lost a mint 5 day out of the box LG G8. Verizon denied their own corporate stole my Promotions Fall Out Form attesting that this store recieved my phone in person and that it was in acceptable condition to trade. Verizon denies it own representatives at its corporate physical entity that this phone was indeed recieved.

The store representative who filed my trade for the S21 Ultra did not even check my phone trade IMEI and filed my trade under a false IMEI that was not the original phone. I still own the phone with the IMEI that attendant used.

So now I have a stolen or lost mint smartphone worth a few hundred on the used market (I am now out hundreds) and they deny their promotions and bait and switch my bill.

Verizon up to this point is reflecting that they will take your device without comensation at corporate stores, and stick their customers with false billing of unapplied promotions.

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