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Verizon Glaxy Nexus thoughts (I love it)

So I ditched T-Mobile and got a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless.  Really nice phone, especially with a Mugen Power extended battery.  The 4.0 system is amazing, I don't know what everyone is complaining about really.

So I am dissapointed really bad that Verizon is locking down Google Wallet (or maybe not, I don't know all the details, whatever it is I am sure we'll get it soon hopefully), as a lot of stores accept that payment, however I heard they are launching (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile) a mobile payment system in Austin in a few weeks called ISIS, they are supposed to roll out to more places after that quickly according to the web site.  I'm pretty excited about that, will this ISIS work with the Galaxy Nexus?  I hope so, as I just got this phone.  I think the NFC chip works in the phone, so it should just be an app I guess.

For anyone who's happy with what they have, I suggest a Mugen Power extended battery, I used to go 8 hours and then need a charge, now I can go all weekend on one charge.  It turns your phone into a tank but it's worth it.

I like this phone a lot, seriously I think it's probably the best mobile device I've used.  

Re: Verizon Glaxy Nexus thoughts (I love it)

I love it too. I dont love that phone calls end because of radio problems. I have other issues with the phone that are upsetting as well. The longer you use it you will find the bugs it has as well. As for design and speed and the basic things. This is a great little phone. I just wish I would receive what I was promised when I bought it. Faster, more frequent updates, no bloatware/third party fingers in the mix, and a plain and simple COMPLETE GOOGLE PHONE. Not verizon, samsung, and google fighting over who, what, when, and where so to speak.

Re: Verizon Glaxy Nexus thoughts (I love it)
Sr. Leader

You know the G2X is also a GED.  There is a misconception on what a Google Experience Device is...  It has carrier bloat on it.  G2X is not the only example.  The G2 is also a GED has carrier bloat on it.  There's a few more out there.  So GN having 2 apps which are actually light weight compared what the G2X and G2 have for example is laughable.  At least you can remove them easily.

Frequent updates... it does get...  It will get more updates than ANY OTHER non Nexus out there PERIOD.  Faster is a relative term  Most devices out there takes months to years to even see an update.  We got 1 update the day it was released.  Within 5 months we'll get our second.  How often do you see that number of updates on other devices within 5 months?  People were complaining about the device wasn't released and MAYBE this was the reason why about people complaining about connectivity issues.  It still plagues the Sprint version even though it has the newer firmware.

Google, and Verizon has already been upfront about Wallet NOT being stopped by Verizon.  If they both have said it then it has NOTHING to do with Isis, and Google or MasterCard are the ones holding out don't you think? 2 of the 3 companies involved say it isn't Verizon...

Isis may or may not work depending on how it is implemented.  The secure element for Isis will be on a SIM card and not on the actual device like the Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus have.