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I'm 67 years old have have four (4) university degrees.  Here's the problem I have with Verzion:  I ordered a new phone online directly from Verizon (Sonim XP8) but UPS lost the phone.  Subsequently, Verizon filed a claim against UPS because of this loss.  Therefore, even though my account is paid in full, they have locked me out from purchasing another phone from them.  After three (3) weeks, Verizon has still not resolved the UPS claim for the lost phone.  I find it very difficult and a waste of my time to deal with indolent customer service representatives.  To circumvent Verizon's incompetence, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10e from Best Buy.  Can you hear me now, Verizon?

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UPS lost phone so you're finger pointing at Verizon? If your account was showing a payment plan for the lost phone, that would have been preventing a new order to be placed.

No Carrier would casually ignore a lost phone costing several hundreds. Did you think UPS would tell Verizon sorry we lost the phone and Verizon shrugging with that's ok? What were expecting new reps coming to this to realistically do? They handle billing inquiries etc, not keep track of loss packages with UPS.

I dunno what the point of bringing up degrees as if that was relevant. No one working for Verizon cares if you get the phone from Best Buy. They don't make money off phones, they make it on service.

PS: don't expect the "incompetent" Verizon rep to credit the $40 upgrade fee that's going to be on your next bill that the rep at Best Buy didn't disclose.



who did you activate the new with this time?