Verizon New Device set up

I don't need any support as after 1.5 hours working on this issue I stumbled into a solution.  I hope someone at Verizon reads these posts and will take the feedback in the spirit it is provided.

Verizon's web site recommends PC backup as the best means to transfer files from old to new device.  The link for instructions doesn't describe the process.  I finally found Smart Switch elsewhere and installed in on my PC.

When I attempted the backup the app kept telling me to free up 1.83 GB of space.  I moved 3 GB of video and photo files to the installed SD card, got rid of over 4GB of data and got the same result.  Until I deleted a bunch of apps I rarely use the process would not go forward.  I suspect that the app cache was the issue.

Verizon's web site is sorely lacking, focused on sales and not so much on support.  For someone not willing to stick with the process and with a modicum of tech-savvy the logical result should have been a return of the device about an hour ago and yet another unsatisfied customer.

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Re: Verizon New Device set up

i've used smart switch several times, with both phones on wi-fi.