Verizon Phone Trade In Issue
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On July 21, 2022 after a long day of work I decided to call Verizon to find out why I no longer was receiving my First Responder Discount. After being placed on hold once, given a number to call, told it's been verified and calling Verizon back.... the Rep. tells me I can no longer receive the discount with my current plan and that I would have to UPGRADE in order for it to be processed. IT ALL GOES DOWN HILL FROM THERE....

I decided to upgrade my plan with the very professional Verizon representative (which will end up being a wash with the discount) and I brought up the $800 PROMOTIONAL TRADE IN offers I keep receiving. She proceeded to ask what type of phone I currently have... "A FLAWLESS SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 ULTRA"...  She stated that if I wanted to upgrade we will start the process, they'll ship out the new SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA and that I would have 30 days to return my current phone for evaluation. I did just that....

I shipped the phone out and Verizon messaged me to keep me posted on my trade. They then receive it at the DISFUNCTIONAL TEXAS WAREHOUSE and send me an email at 9:49 p.m. stating the following; 

"We've reviewed your trade-in device for order number 799*****. The device didn't meet all the requirements of the original trade-in estimate, so the actual trade-in value had to be adjusted. You can check out your bill credit on your next bill summary at My Verizon."

Oh really, it didn't meet your requirements cause it far exceeded probably what anyone ever sends back. Instead your incompetent employees at the warehouse further state the phone they received was different then what I was supposed to send. Also, I will now receive $0 (ZERO) for "the phone" I sent back. 

MY PHONE: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB SM G991Q

THE PHONE THEY SAY THEY GOT: Galaxy S II Skyrocket 16GB Black

THE BEST PART IS THE IMEI #'S MATCH ON THE PHONE I SENT AND THE ONE THEY SAY THEY RECEIVED.  My phone was an unlocked phone but they received an AT&T. phone??????

WELL PLAYED VERIZON. I have been a customer for over a decade. Is this the way you treat your loyal customers?? Here's the deal... you have S C A M M E D  me, stolen from me and lied to me. I want my phone back $1200 or I want my $800 credit applied to my bill. I'm tired of calling your nice but useless call centers and hearing, "emails will be sent and someone will contact you." Not only is my time precious but so is yours. FIND MY PHONE. I held up my end of the bargain, now it's your turn. 

Michael Rahl
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Re: Verizon Phone Trade In Issue

Just went through something very similar with Verizon.  In May at my 2 years and their offer to upgrade my Galaxy S21 to a S23 for free.  So ok, I've done this every 2 years with them for at least 15 years.  Well, something happened either at Verizon which of course they deny or UPS which Verizon told me to file a claim with which I did.  Verizon said I did not send back the expected Samsung Galaxy S21 but what they received from me was a  black ceramic Motorola phone so instead of giving me my $800 credit for a trade in expected that It would be much lower now.  Under a $100 I believe. Oh I'm fuming!!!! Took forever to get a rep from UPS and was told they have a contract with Verizon and I should file there instead and I told them no Verizon said I file with UPS.  I'm disgusted  to say the least!! Not holding my breath.  I know my local UPS delivery man and we are FB friends so I sent him a PM as to what had happened to me.

Re: Verizon Phone Trade In Issue
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We definitely want to take a look at your situation with your device trade in. We will be sending you a private note. ~Peter