Verizon Refused to Activate S7
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My sister just went in today to get a new prepaid plan from her old postpaid plan, and after an hour of the employees trying to activate her S7 on it, they finally called Verizon's 800 number and informed her that Verizon is no longer allowing activations on phones with both 4G & 3G built in. Something having to do Verizon discontinuing service to phones with only 3G if I got the details right.

But I can still put my SIM card from my prepaid plan in her S7 and it connects to 4G without a problem. So I got to thinking, if she brought in my Pixel 3 with her SIM card, had Verizon activate the new prepaid plan on it, would she be able to take her SIM and put it back into her S7?

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Re: Verizon Refused to Activate S7
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We know how important it is to make sure your sister has a working device, and we are here to help. To clarify, we are retiring our 3G network, but not our 4G network. To answer your question, she will be able to activate her Prepaid plan and her Prepaid SIM Card with the S7. We hope this information helps. CourtneyM_VZW