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***Announcement: We’re excited to inform you that we will be merging the Fios and Wireless Communities to a unified Verizon Community with a new look and feel throughout. If you are interested in what specifically has changed, please see the New Revamped Community article under the Featured Topics.***
Verizon - Shame on you!


Step up, take accountability, and help thousands of customers who have purchased the Google Nexus from you. WE DON'T care who releases the updates, all we care is that we paid too much money for the device that was supposed to be on leading edge of Android OS and whole bunch more for the data plan for a device that does half the things advertised. Shame, utter shame. All we know is that we bought the device from you, Big Red, hence you're responsible to deliver. Waiting for 5+ months for an upgrade for any smart phone is shameful, let alone a device that was supposed to be a developer device.

Google Nexus Owners can petition here:

Here are some of the MAJOR issues that I am facing with this device:

1. 3G-4G hand off and vice versa take forever. The moment is gone before I need the data. I brag about the device being the fastest but it hits Murphy's Law of "If anything can go wrong, it will" when I am trying to display something to my colleagues or friends.

2. Battery life is pathetic. I am a network engineer and when I am on call, which is every 3rd week,  I go through 2 extended batteries a day, just trying to keep with pages, checking NOC statuses, etc. On regular basis, I have to constantly keep an eye on it.

3. My wife has a CDMA VZ iPhone and she charges it every 3rd day ... wtf !

4. Google Music Player crashes like it's designed to crap out on you when the best part of the song is about to come on. Some annoying bug !!

5. Navigation takes for ever to sync up with the satellite as if its still waiting for the rocket carrying sat payload to make a lift off .... who knows how many times I missed an exit or destination b/c the freaking thing was still looking for a satellite ... in open sky !! I guess the space debris is getting in the way ... touche, spacemen, with your spaceshit blocking the signal 😕

6. Did I mention the battery life sucks? While writing this petition, it beeped for more juice ... like a kid .. always whining for more juice.

7. Freaking thing reboots for no reason. Wish I could just bounce from work for couple hours and come back and tell my manager .. Sorry ... I don't work as I promised when you brought me on board, however, I believe I need an upgrade!

Re: Verizon - Shame on you!

You sound just like the average HTC Thunderbolt owner!!! I have the Thunderbolt and fought with Verizon for months!!! The last straw was that every time they sent me out a replacement (under warranty) they EXTENDED my contract!!!! Even if your phone is a dud, and they replace it your contract gets extended! Well, I fought for months about issue after issue and LOST. The one who will lose in the longrun is Verizon because I will NOT renew when my SUPERDUPER contract is up. Verizon's customer service department is a total joke. Every time I called I got lied to, a different answer from reps etc. Its a utter shame the way Verizon treats its paying customers. I pay $160.00/month and can't wait to give it to someone else. Short-term they won. Long-term I win. That formula does not bode well for any business. I forsee major problems for Verizon down the road. Spmeone needs to start a cell-phone company that is fair with fees, offer excellent customer service ie everyone on the same freaking page, and resolve issues asap. What a concept!!

Re: Verizon - Shame on you!
Sr. Member

You will have device issues on every carrier, some areas are weak/ some users are slow.