Verizon Software Repair Assistant Problems
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My wife's Galaxy Note Edge went to the "updating" screen recently while she was using it, and restarted, staying stuck on that screen in a loop.  Restarting the phone didn't help.  We visited a Verizon store, and were told that we needed to do a factory reset on the phone.  We performed the factory reset, but the phone would not boot up after that.  We got a screen telling us to use Verizon Software Repair Assistant to repair the device etc., which I did, and every time the repair software gets to 83% or 84% it simply says the device has disconnected from the PC.  Because I can see that this has been an issue with Galaxy phones for years with Verizon, I'll be trying to talk to a tech support person this week.  I imagine that the failure occurs when the Assistant actually tries to write data to the phone, because it consistently fails at 83% or 84% completion.  I have the same phone, and it has not tried to update anything recently, so whatever happened to my wife's phone seems to be a software problem rather than an actual update.  Any helpful solution would be appreciated.

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Re: Verizon Software Repair Assistant Problems
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That's a very clear issue with that phone, and we'd be glad to help ensure your wife has a properly working phone again. How long ago did the updating message start to appear with her phone?