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December 16, 2022

Dear Verizon Complaint Department

RE:   Telephone to be picked up  
in PENNSYLVANIA at the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store

December 12 – Purple Galaxy S22 purchased by phone – I was NOT advised that my new phone did NOT come with a wall charger – my old Galaxy J7v came with a charger and cable. As along time Verizon customer, that would have been valuable information to me. When I asked the second phone agent that I talked to inquire about whether my contacts and files would be able to be transferred from my J7v to the S22, I was told yes and that there would be no charge for the initial set-up at the store. Still no information about the lack of wall charger and cable not included in the phone price. But a supervisor waived the $35.00 up-grade fee which I appreciated. I thought that was the fee of the set-up at the store and that was waived. That is what I was asking for. I was not told that there would be two fees.

December 13 – I went to Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store to make an appointment for my new phone set-up and to have my contacts and files transferred from the J7v to When I told her what Verizon Customer Service said about no set-up fee she said that there was one.

December 14 – I woke up sick and could not go to the aforementioned set-up appointment. I cancelled the December 14 appointment and rescheduled it for Friday December 16th at 10 AM.  I wanted to contact the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store to let them know my intentions but was routed to a Call Center. I explained what was going on and she tried to reach the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store to put me through and found that the calls were coming back to the Call Center. I had just received an email while I was on the phone to her saying that my ordered would be cancelled if I did not pick it up in to days. The email was dated December 14 so she put a note in my file and said that my Order would not be cancelled until Dec 16th. I already had a rescheduled appointment for December 16th at the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store, so I started to ignore all of the seemingly unimportant emails and text messages from Verizon. They made no sense. One says get ready for your appointment another says the order will be cancelled.

December 15 – Kept receiving confusing emails and text messages. Weather this day was cold and icy, so I was not driving to the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store. I hoped everything would work out even if I had to pay for the file transfer.

December 16th -9:40AM – I walk into the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store for my 10 AM Set-up appointment and was greeted by a man about 5’11”ish with short dark brown hair, not sure of eye color, sallow face with round nose. He asked how I was doing in a flat tone that put me off. The weather was wet, cold, and rainy so I was not really doing so well. He made some remark about it being the start of the day – I guess I wasn’t supposed to feel frustrated which is what I was feeling. I briefly told him the above information. He asked me my name and then said he had nothing for me the order must have been cancelled. He was not consoling he was not helpful he did not offer to help turn this into a positive customer experience. When I commented about the $30.00 fee, he smugly concurred. I did not feel that I was welcomed to do business in the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store or that I was a valued Verizon customer.  The S22 phone was already in the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store – di they sell it to some other customer in the 40 minutes the store was open on December 16th? Store opened at 9AM – I was there at 9:40AM for my 10 AM appointment.

I realize that nothing will probably come of this complaint. Maybe the man was also having a bad day but I am the customer. His attitude led me to believe that “oh well, tough lady” was all I was going to get from him or the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store. It is not what is said but how it is said and perceived – that is excellent customer service.

Now that I am a senior citizen, I feel that Verizon seems to have an unwritten rule that senior citizen’s do not matter. I like older technology and should still have the option of phoning a store directly and getting a phone with an included phone charger and cable.

I have not decided what to do yet but changing carriers is certainly in my thinking. Maybe Verizon and the Downingtown/Exton Verizon Store doesn’t have to worry about old ladies like me but I am making my thoughts known.

Thank you,
Verizon Customer for over 50 years and
Bell Telephone before that – when customer feedback mattered


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