Verizon Up early delivery for S9+ to reseller not allowed??

Has anyone else been denied delivery of their phone from a Verizon Reseller stating they can not get their Samsung S9/S9+ even though you know they have it based on the Verizon Up email that lets you track it. Showed Costco my email stating it has been delivered and that I am a Verizon Up member and was allowed to have it based on this program. I know Verizon Up has not been around that long but would think they would communicate with Samsung to allow their resellers to release the phones.

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Awaiting the delivery of your new device can make one become anxious. I know I have felt this way too. Eyeonu, I have reviewed our systems and show the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ devices are set to be shipped until 3/16/18. Since the device was purchased through a reseller, I would have to refer you back to Costco to see if any exceptions can be made. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional steps to try to access the delivered device before 3/16/18.  




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