Verizon Upgrade Issues - Bad Customer Service - No Phone
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I have spent 20+ hours over the past couple weeks trying to upgrade my husband's cellphone.  His phone broke and we decided to upgrade his phone instead of filing an insurance claim.  I ordered a phone and watch deal that were on back order.  When they went to ship, it said my payment info failed.  I tried to update it with every card I own, which were all good and the system wouldn't take any of my cards.  I called and the representative cancelled the order on the watch and billed it to my account.  The phone tried to ship separately so it had the same issue later.  However when I tried to update the payment, it said to contact customer service.  I did, and the representative said that I had to wait until it was ready to ship and the message was just a glitch.  I called a week later and got the same response.  Now the phone is in stock so I messaged support and they said the order failed and I have to wait another 3 days to place another order on this line or use another line.  I can't use another line without paying full retail price and losing any of the discounts I had.  My husband's phone is broken and I can't even file an insurance claim because it thinks he has the new phone already.  The customer service here is a joke.  I'm debating switching to AT&T now.  I feel like I need to test call to see if I am treated like a human being with other things to do than wait on the phone for Verizon. 

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Re: Verizon Upgrade Issues - Bad Customer Service - No Phone
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Jessica_Kemp, you have spent way too long dealing with this issue and you have our sincerest apologies that it has taken this long. Our goal is to ensure that we have a resolution for you so please be on the lookout for a messages from us here. -Nicci