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Does anyone feel like Verizon customer service tells you what you want to hear to get you off the phone after 5 hours.  Just to promise a call back from  Someone higher up the next day because they are unavailable at the time.  A call back you never receive.  This has been happening to me since November it's November over a 100 hours I've spent on the phone.  Every month they check it out. Tell me they're opening a ticket.  My service is  Basically not existent where I live any longer.  I was told in November until the tower is fixed where I live I would receive half off my phone bill.  As that credit has never appeared I've spent stuff several long long hours on the phone with different customer service employees every month.  I take names I ask to speak to supervisors I asked to speak to someone in corporate.  Before that can be done I have to explain what is going on.   After several hours of being switched from this person to that person I am told my situation is fixed my credit is there is there and no worries.  The end of February customer service took me off of auto pay not for bottle pay as they owed me over too months worth of credit for my bills.   March I received past you notice. I called told me to ignore it my credit was there.  Eventually my My phones were shut off.  Turned my phone off  Gave credit for that to turn back on but no credit still for credit promised For no service.  For 30 hours on the phone with Verizon just in March and April alone.  I spoke with tear 2 last time.   Once again told my credits are there I have 0 balanyes your opinions and this morning once again I get a past due notice.   I think Verizon is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  Nothing but lies and wasted my time.   I will highly  recommend No one ever to buy from Verizon.  I should get paid an hourly rate for all the time I've spent on the phone with customer service and lied to.  My time is worth nothing.  I shouldn't receive good cell service.  

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Customer Service Rep

Scaudill32, I am so sorry, and embarrassed this has been your experience with us. You have certainly been dealing with this far too long. 


I'm sending you a Private Message. -Vanessa