Verizon data service worse every day
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I have with Verizon same number for 20 years. The last year or so my data service has become so poor I have been battling with switching to att. My zip code at work and home is same 18436 it's so frustrating to only be able to access the internet when wifi is available. I was excited 6 months ago when a tower was installed half mile down rd but turns out its ATT TOWER. I'm giving it 90 days if any recommendations please text me ***** so I can speak to someone. Verizon was always the best but I'm losing my patience

  • Danny
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Re: Verizon data service worse every day
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Hi, Danny! Thank you so much for contacting us about your service. I understand where you're coming from, and we do not want to lose you. Please send me a Private Message, so I can assist you with your service.