Verizon does not honor the 250$ rebate

I ported over to Verizon on Nov 22 2019 after being on a call with verizon telesales agent JONATHAN GARCIA. I was told by the agent that i qualify for the poromotion.

I have email for the same as well. The rebate team now tells me after 2.5 months that i was never eligible.

Either the telesales agent lied to me or the verizon rebate team is not honoring the rebate that they should.

This is very disappointing and frustating to say the least.

I thought verizon cared for it's customers but i was certainly wrong

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Re: Verizon does not honor the 250$ rebate
Customer Service Rep

amrinder1986in, we appreciate your recent switch to Verizon Wireless and this is not how we want to start this partnership. If you qualified for a rebate promotion then we make it right one way or another. We'll be glad to further look into this and have sent you a private message. We look forward to hearing from you soon.