Verizon is a Joke -

Seriously brought my Samsung into the Verizon Store to be recharged and told they could not do it for free and needed to buy a new kit. 

Hello .. don't you think I have that already that and I expected you to have a wireless charger available but you do not ..seriously why not?  What am I paying for ?

 Besides being treated rudely by the staff and manager Jamie Friars, please tell me what it will take to get out of your contract?  Being offered free i phones by other carriers 

Oh yeah ..sure so many of your customers have had the credit balance I carried with you 

Oh and tell Jamie what a classless sales person she is to talk behind someone's back as they are waling out and not think they heard her ..really 

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Re: Verizon is a Joke -
Customer Service Rep

Dwyert21, thank you for taking the time in providing us with such valuable feedback. We always want our customers to have the best experience when visiting our store locations and be treated with respect. I apologize this was not the case. I would like to clarify, that our store locations may not always guarantee an available charger or wireless charger to be provided as this is not part of a service you pay for each month. Your monthly charges are for cellular service provided and any features you may add to your plan. I apologize for any confusion caused. However, I will be sending your feedback to management regarding your store experience.