Verizon mail flyer for Galaxy 23 FE

Did anyone get the recent flyer in the mail where Verizon offered the G23 FE bundle with the watch and tablet? There was also an offer in there to get just the 23 FE for 5 dollars a month. I took the flyer into the local Verizon store and it seems the 5 dollar offer does NOT exist. Kind of a false advertising let down. The guy tries to up sell me to the bundle which I do not need. If you send me offers on paper you need to honor them.

Re: Verizon mail flyer for Galaxy 23 FE
Customer Service Rep

Hello. We are always working hard to provide great promotions to our valued customers, and would like to take a closer look to your options. To better assist you, I'll be sending a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.