Verizon note 10 plus 5g is a scam
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The note 10 plus is a scam. A money grab by a corporation. They put out a device they knew would not be compatible with their future plans for 5g just to say they were first. All the other carriers shipped X55 verizon used the outdated X50 that is not capable working with their nationwide 5g. I called verizon chatted with verizon was lied to saying nationwide would be supported by my device. That is absolutely not true because the X50 does not support DSS which is used by the new nationwide 5g. 

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You are correct: The 2019 Verizon Note 10 + 5G shipped with the X50 modem and chip. It was not ready for widespread usage. It is useless for the great majority of 5G customers. It only provides access to the Ultra band that is in less than 1% of the US. Let's try to get a reasonable solution from Verizon.

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I think that is incorrect. The phone is both software and Hardware capable and ready. The problem is there is a very limited coverage for the type of 5G that is on the Note 10 plus. The only place I can test it for myself would be downtown Hartford Connecticut. It's a cesspool oh, so I'm not really crazy about the idea of doing so.

FYI, your phone has to be set to 'Global' to get 5g.  

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