Verizon phone no internet when on data

We have Galaxy S7 & S10 phones and have no problem connecting to internet via a WiFi signal. However when away from that we cannot connect with data despite the fact that we have lots of availability. This applies to both phones. I have tried a reset on one of them but it makes no difference.

This has been going on for past 6months or so and before that they worked ok. It is hard to believe that both phones are defective. Am able to make and receive phone calls and also messages.

Contacting Verizon customer support is a waste of time as robot just keeps going in circles.


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Re: Verizon phone no internet when on data
Customer Service Rep

Hi there, PHIFLO14. It's important to us that your devices are working properly. When you're not on Wi-Fi do your devices display 4G LTE on top of them? Does your mobile data show as turned on as shown here: Also, is your software up to date on both devices reflecting the software versions shown here: and here: