Verizon sales rep lied

I was with T mobile and I called Verizon because I wanted compare prices. The rep said I could get 55 and older discount or First responder discount because my husband is a Dr. He said the First responder was better. He said I would have to apply after the phone was activated. Well that price was competitive, so I switched. Then I tried and tried to get a discount. I found out Dr's do NOT count and the only state for 55 and older is Florida. So my bill that was supposed to be around 120 according to sales rep is going to be 158.72. I have been very upset. I called Verizon, I went in to a store to complain. The store rep told me to contact IDme. I did, to no avail. I am 67 I can't believe this company's sale's rep would sink so low as to rip of an old lady. I will be writing the BBB and telling my story on reviews and to friend and family. I think the rep lied to get a commission. 

VERIZON needs to get this resolved. They are going to lose a lot of business if this continues. 

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Re: Verizon sales rep lied
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I can. When I was a rep, I seen so many senior accounts with bogus add-ons etc that I went from being neutral towards store reps to loathing them when I got out.

Re: Verizon sales rep lied
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Thank you so much for reaching out. We do want to make sure that you're getting the best deal that we have for your account. We've sent you a Private Note. Please respond to that message going forward. -Kevin