Verizon says my Samsung S10 is "Not Eligible" for Verizon Messages? Also can't make video call
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I got a new Samsung S10 earlier this month. I tried to do a video call yesterday and the option to make the call is not there, even though I have the video calling option enabled. Then I noticed today when logged onto the Verizon site, that on the "Products & Apps" page  if lists my S10 a "Not Compatible" for Verizon Messages when I click on "Show Eligible Lines", as well as the other options on the Free Products page (like NFL Mobile).


What's going on?

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We certainly want to see you get the most out of your awesome new phone! Was the phone purchased from Verizon Wireless or a 3rd party? Do you have the Message+ application on the phone or is it available to download in the Play Store? YaleK_VZW

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The app works great with my S10 5G. I don't think there's that much difference.