Verizon software repair assistant did not reload data back onto phone

I have a Galaxy note20 ultra. I've been having issues with the 5g not giving me service while connected to 5g at my work area. I was told to download the software repair assistant and see if that fixed my issues. I followed step by step but the assistant just wiped my phone and did NOT restore my data on my phone. It basically factory reset my phone. I had it connected to computer and even got the message that the restored data was complete. It was not! It just wiped my phone and I found the folder on my computer but of course the files arent in the correct format to use or view any files now. I didn't even have an updated backup of my phone due to not knowing it would factory reset since instructions are pretty straight forward to connect to computer and the assistant would take care of the rest. Even with my google account for whatever reason not even my apps previously installed were restored. Do NOT perform this software repair assistant without having an entire phone backup yourself. Do not rely on the "repair assistant" or verizon for informing you or helping because they are useless and provide instructions that just cause more time and problems without any resolution.  

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