Verizon sold me a refurbished phone as new

 In April I purchased a brand new Galaxy S21+ from a Verizon store and the camera lately was having difficulty focusing so I brought it into a local repair shop. Upon removing the cover, it was apparent it was a cheap replacement cover with the wrong glue and the cameras were replaced as indicated by Sharpie marks and a fingerprint on the inside of the camera lens. 

I had the tech stop and brought the phone into the Verizon store where I purchased it and pointed all of this out to the manager. She was immediately defensive and repeatedly stated they don't sell refurbished phones despite what I was showing her. Naturally I was accused of having the phone fixed and it's impossible for me to prove otherwise. This is absolutely fraudulent behavior and it's a shame how apparently frequently this occurs. 

Re: Verizon sold me a refurbished phone as new
Customer Service Rep

Hi! Was the phones purchased in-store or online?