Verizon used to have the best network and customer experience
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But lately I have been getting very spotty coverage where it never happened before. I was at a restaurant trying to download the menu from a QR code. Three of use had Verizon and we all got the circle of death but someone else on a prepaid phone with T Mobile could download it right away. I used to be able to speak with an agent any time but now it is very difficult to reach someone who is not a robot. The higher cost was worth it before but that is eroding. 

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Re: Verizon used to have the best network and customer experience
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I completely agree. After 28 years with Verizon I ported my main phone line to T-Mobile after using their 30-day test drive.

I live in a MAJOR metro area in the Midwest. The service really got bad over the last few years. I had 5G a few weeks in March but never again after that. I worked with a Verizon tech for an hour. He couldn’t help as he couldn’t find the problem.

Verizon coverage maps are very inaccurate and very misleading. My entire area for miles shows 4G and 5G. My 4G would measure 1MB/s to 4 or 5MB/s. 5G is no where!

My Verizon cost was $116 for an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. T-Mobile’s cost is $65, taxes/fees included for an iPhone and three Apple Watches and their speeds are 70 to 180MB/s with BOTH 4G AND 5G.

I had the second best unlimited plan which is a rip off. And free Apple Music and Discovery+ doesn’t help me get good cellular service. Verizon is big on talk, their dishonest coverage map and nonsense they give away. Now I have T-Mobile’s blazing speeds at a great and fair price.

Re: Verizon used to have the best network and customer experience
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Your frustration with the spotty coverage is completely understandable. As a phone user myself it would bother me to not be able to use my phone for any of my needs.  Please allow us the opportunity to look into this,  Can you please send us a Private Message?   *Lisa