Verizon will not unlock my phone even though it is paid off.
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Last Tuesday 1/10/23 I attempted to switch carriers from Verizon to Spectrum. Verizon said you have to pay off your phone before we unlock it. I immediately paid off the phone, $400.00. I had acquired the Samsung phone through Verizon in May of 2022 (paying it off monthly - again on 1/10/23 I completely paid it off).

I had a technical issue with the Samsung phone in Dec 2022 and Verizon advised me to get a replacement. I did. That didn't fix the problem because it turned out to be a tower problem not phone problem even though I had gone to the effort and money to transfer my apps to the new phone. Then my visual voicemail messaging wasn't working so I called Verizon about that, and the rep said she could get me on a different plan that would provide me visual voicemail and lower my monthly plan payment. When the statement came through it actually made my plan $10 more. 

So, I decided to switch carriers. Now after 10 days and a dozen phone calls, visits to a main Verizon store (not little independent store), no one will help. Some of the dozen people that I spoke to said it was most likely due to being a replacement. I did an appeal. It went through and said the phone should be unlocked. But no.  Then the last person I spoke to today said it was Spectrum's fault and to go back there. I did and Spectrum spoke with the same verizon person since she did call me back at the store. Then the verizon rep admitted it was verizon, NOT spectrum that was keeping the switch from happening because the phone was locked, but it is eligible to be unlocked.

Get this - the verizon rep said I should buy a new phone! Yeah, the spectrum person heard it too. She was shocked. Verizon says they're continuing to work on it and will call me next week. I'm held hostage. The phone remains locked. I've been with verizon 15 years. So sad.

Is there anywhere else to go to get help and get this fixed? Any ideas?

I have 3 other friends that left Verizon in the last 3 months. Something is happening to this company. They don't care a wit about their customers.

Re: Verizon will not unlock my phone even though it is paid off.
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Hello, there! We are truly aghast at the way this situation has been handled! We would love to take a look at the account/phone to see what we can do for you. Please send us a Direct Message so that we may better assist you!


Re: Verizon will not unlock my phone even though it is paid off.
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Hey Lisa,

I DM'd you guys but still no action taken. Verizon keeps saying we will contact you on Monday. I heard that last Friday. Does no one there really care? So sad.