Very disappointed

Purchased 4 samsung FE on Thanksgiving and was told 2 day shipping. Here I am December 2nd and still no phones. Called customer service Monday was told should be any day, I waited until today and still saw no movement with my order so called again and now I'm being told it's backordered. Tried to see if they could just let me pickup in store, nope not unless you want to lose your promotions that you signed up for and are no longer available. Wow great way to work with a customer. Just wanted to come out here and vent. 

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Re: Very disappointed
Customer Service Rep

I know that I would be disappointed myself if I had ordered phones that were delayed due to a backorder, Tommygun116. It's certainly never our intention for delays to happen like this, and I do appreciate your feedback. While it is true that there isn't a way to transfer the order to a store pickup without cancelling the order (which would cause the promotions to fall off as the order would have a new purchase date outside the eligible period), those devices will still be coming with free 2-day shipping once they become available to ship. I trust that this information is help, and we do appreciate the feedback.