Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer
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Clearly, Verizon has caused additional physical and mental harm to my disabled daughter.  They have replaced an S8 under warranty with a another S8 that has the same problems and is refurbished.        

Further after putting my family and I through a 4 hr exhausting marathon on top of a solid week of multiple calls to inept Tech 2 service reps, they promised to replace the second faulty phone replaced under warranty with a new one which is what should have been done in the first place.  

My daughter is disabled with no quality of life to speak of.  Yet Verizon did not follow through on a promise to us on July 8th to finally send a new phone by today, July 11th.    This did not happen.  I checked my account and they cancelled the order.        Absolutely this has caused much actual physical harm, loss of weight and strength as we have not been able to eat due to amount of time spent.     I am quite saddened and upset to what Verizon has done to us.     

I gave two Tier 2 reps a high rating which I now wish I had not as they did not follow through.  They were nice personalities but now I realize they are dishonest 

This now begs phone calls for help to DOJ, DISABILITY RIGHTS GROUPS. LEGAL ADVICE NEEDED.    if you are disabled and reading this, I am sorry for you.   

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Re: Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer

tier 2 folks don't do warranty work, only tech problems.

Re: Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer
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It began with a technical problem.    The latest software upgrade rollout on June 6th to the S8 of my daughter's RUINED much functionality on the phone.     So, it all started with this event.     I have found out the past 3 weeks that Verizon takes no responsibility for any third party software nor any problems they incur to a customer via third party software on phones they sell and support. 

The FIRST Tier 2 support person who was very good, had a 3 way call with Samsung about the phone, which lost the developer options (no way to connect with phone cord to a computer), fast charging option (and much difficulty plugging it in and replugging it to get it even BEGIN to charge which caused my daughter extreme additional difficulty and exhaustion).    

Much of the functionality for the reason this phone was bought for her disabilities was also gone.  

FIRST Tier 2 and Samsung call, resulted with Samsung sending us to UBreakIFix on Cox Road in Cincinnati, with full reassurance from Samsung to us, the UBreakIFix would fix the phone (leaving out the technical jargon and more details) and NOT delete any file data on the phone.    Repeatedly asked the Samsung rep and YES, Samsung said would NOT delete any data.

Next - week later maybe to the UBreakIFix - can't take my daughter at will just anywhere.   She has a power wheelchair to get around more than very short distance, and a cane to try to walk a very short distance.    MANY ongoing disabilities.      

Short story the woman, Elena, did not do the procedures she was supposed to that Samsung has the certified Samsung store to follow, and ended up deleting all the data, including sensitive and much needed medical files, and the only thing that keeps my daughter fighting, photos,  messages from people cheering her to fight, and some from deceased loved ones.     Yes we TRY to back up ourselves, but the story is entirely too long to explain why we can't.       Elena did a backup of data, but did not advise of options to do so (in absence of the normal Developer Options), nor did she help us to check if the backup was showing on another device.        WE trusted Samsung and the UBreakIFix that she knew what she was doing.   WRONG.

Didn't know what she had done till came home from a doctor appointment right after.    Factory hard reset.    Phone wouldn't even login to the proper accounts.    AND TO BEAT IT ALL, it was STILL junked up - no developer options, no fast charge, on and on.     She had to go thru many steps to try to reset the Samsung account to try to reconnect.    NO IDEA what Elena did but corruption of software on many levels was obvious.    

Not to mention, the Verizon service to this phone is poor, dropped calls, text messages not appearing.       I am the caregiver for my daughter.   When I take her to medical procedures, or doctors, if I have to walk away from her for any reason, I need her to be able to contact me, to get back in the medical establishment.     I work close to home to be able to get to her as fast as possible.    I need her to be able to have a phone call connect to me, if she begins a seizure and needs help.       This is no baloney here, no exaggeration, all is documented via medical records.   

NExt - back to phone calls to SECOND Tier 2 to get help with the technical issues on the phone.   They had NO idea how to fix.   Hours again on phone.   Again a phone call to Samsung.   Samsung 2nd rep said the UBreakIFix did not follow proper procedure.    Does not know why the phone has technical issues.     Wanted us to call UBreakIFix to ask what the woman did.    Yes she did factory reset but she said no she wouldn't do without our permission, which we NEVER gave and NEVER signed anything.   

Verizon sent another S8 for the warranty.   This is PHONE 2 now I will call it.   Called Verizon again for help with the same exact phone issues, as PHONE 1.     They sent a refurbished phone.   PHONE 2 upon activation, does not recognize SD Card (like PHONE 1 ), nor developer options, nor fast charge on and on!   This is supposed to be a certified working phone as a replacement.   NOT AT ALL.  

 Verizon THIRD Tier 2 tried to fix , unsuccessful, could not believe the whole sordid story, heard how much this whole issue has caused my daughter's health to decline to where it was years ago, losgin will to fight to live, on and on.   Nice man, thank you to care unlike the lot of others.    He connected us with Samsung on a 3 way while Samsung connected remotely into the phone to debug.    Watched while Samsung logged in as an Admin, clicked the Developer Options on and the Fast Charge.    They STILL do not work.     The end result was another 4 hr marathon exhausting phone call with Samsung,  to where they would not agree to do anything to help except send PHONE 2 to them!   

REALLY, HOW then would my daughter have a phone that I need for her to have with her at all times if something should happen?    (I am wanting to hang onto PHONE 1 due to the critical nature of the files I need, to see if I can look to internal storage for the files, explained this to Verizon and at least they are ok with this.  Very good because it may be needed for a lawsuit to see the last 'fingerpint' done to it at UBreakIFix.   Thank you to THIRD Tier 2 to get this approved.)

THIRD Tier 2 talked with supervisor multiple times, got approval to send a different phone completely, a Samsung S9.   Thank you I thought, a relief, please we just need a working phone for the critical nature of my daughter's disabilities.       WE would send back PHONE 2 then once receiving the S9.    I stayed home from work, waited on this, hoping the nightmare of 'passing the buck' and no consideration or care for a disabled person with NO QUALITY of life, would end with this new phone.   

No phone on the day promised it would deliver.   No phone call to say the order was cancelled.   This is NOT on THIRD Tier 2 person, rather to me it is on the Operations Manager of the Service Center who reviewed the situation and decided no,it was not worth sending my daughter an S9 for all the trouble we have been through, to help mend the situation.    Let's not go blaming THIRD Tier 2 either that he should have to do the dirty work for the manager who declined the order and call us.    It should have been the Operations Manager to call a disabled person and only caregiver parent to say,  "NO, you don't matter, nor do your 12-15 years of monthly payments of $200 and multiple phones on your account."     No, we don't care if you are no longer a customer of ours.

So, yesterday call AGAIN to VErizon.   We just can't call at will.   She is ill, I am working, trying to keep us going.    Of course another ruined day from Verizon,    Actually talked with the supposed LAST LINE of SUPPORT person.     LAST LINE  told us the story of how Verizon is not responsible for Google's Android operating system problems in the last rollout, and Verizon cannot send out a new phone under the warranty unless the stock is gone for the phone, since Samsung Third Party AGreement only allows for an exact replacement.     He said THIRD Tier 2 should have called us to say the order was cancelled.  NO, it should have been the OPERATIONS MANAGER.    THIRD Tier 2 should not have to call when he tried SO HARD and did SO WELL and THANK YOU ,  THIRD Tier 2 - you are one excellent service person to work with!    And THANK YOU to your supervisor who understood the criticality of my daughter's disabilities and issues.

Now we are waiting on another S8.   When will be the end of this?    If it doesn't work,  LAST LINE support person told us we would call back again.      This is almost a month now.    I have paid thousands to Verizon.   This is how they treat special cases of folks with disabilities just so you all know.   There is no compassion in that company nor a care.    


Re: Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer

1.   It’s a known issue (known by Samsung).

2.  Verizon doesn’t cover the warranty, Samsung does.  Verizon has a contract with Samsung to exchange phones under their direction.  Your warranty does NOT mean you get a new phone, see photo:


Re: Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer
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Physical harm...over a cell phone..sure.


I think of the painful back surgeries my mom undergone and to equate a replacement phone to that is appalling.

Re: Violation of rights and warranty to Disabled Customer
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I apologize for everything you've been through with this experience with your daughter's phone. I'm appalled to hear about what happened with your phone and how this matter was addressed. As a fellow parent myself, I can relate to needing a working device to get a hold of my child in case of an emergency. This isn't the experience you deserve, and I'm determined to make sure you receive a phone that functions perfectly and we help restore your faith in us. I'm happy to hear that you're receiving a replacement Samsung Galaxy S8 and I'm confident this will resolve the concerns you have with the phone. I would suggest to not restore any previous content from a backup when you receive your replacement phone. I just want to make sure a corrupted file or an application is causing the previous issues. After using the phone for 24 hours, slowly start bringing back previous apps and backed up content. If you experience further concerns, please reach out to us so we can continue troubleshooting. How does this sound?