Voice cuts out after latest S21 update - CONFIRMED WORKAROUND
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After 3 weeks of terrible service and many tests I have finally found a workaround that actually works!  Many of you won't like this solution but it is the only thing that works!   Verizon has a product called One Talk which is a Voip solution for businesses.  If you get a line through One Talk and when setting it up choose the option to send and receive calls via the app NOT CALL THROUGH you can actually have voice conversations with people again!  Hallelujah!  The catch is, One Talk is $15/month for the app only.  Until this issue is fixed $15/month to get voice calls is our only option.  

VERIZON AND SAMSUNG something of note...I tried to forward my regular cell number to my One Talk number and the same issue occurs.  Please let you Network Engineers know that One Talk on its own works but you CANNOT forward your cell number to your One Talk number.  

Any questions about One Talk, just reply and I'll be happy to answer.  

SAMSUNG why are you deleting your community posts about voice calls cutting out on S21 devices after last firmware update. You are censoring an issue that is very important. People can't make 911 calls and report an issue because of this!

VERIZON this is a huge issue, if I someone needs to call 911 in an emergency they can't communicate with the operator!

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Re: Voice cuts out after latest S21 update - CONFIRMED WORKAROUND
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Hello, onewhoflew. We are very sorry to hear about the call audio issues you've been experiencing with your Samsung Galaxy S21 device since the latest software update. We understand that you mentioned using the One Talk app as a workaround to help with making sure that your calls stay connected correctly. However, we certainly want to ensure that regular calling is working correctly as it should be with your Samsung Galaxy S21 device. On your Samsung Galaxy S21 device, when you select your device's Phone app, then the Settings icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and select Settings, is your device's Wi-Fi Calling and Video Calling switches enabled?