Voice mail not working

I just did the latest update on my samsung galaxy 8 and now my voice mail is not working. I click on the icon and I get a message saying the voice mail app is not working. I can check messages by dialing *86 fortunately.

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Re: Voice mail not working
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bmurakami, ensuring you are able to access your visual voicemail is crucial, and I am here to help! I am glad that you are able to listen to your voicemails by dialing *86, but my goal is to make sure that you can use this particular app. May I ask if you powered off/on your device since you did the software update? If not, please do that and test again. Another thing I would like for you to do is to reset the visual voicemail app. From personal experience, this has helped greatly with this type of issue. Please refer to the following link on how to do this and provide me with your results: http://spr.ly/6601EeHT5