Voicemail app for Samsung S9

I had to reset my phone today, and after all my apps were reloaded from the Play Store, I've discovered I don't have the voicemail app that I had on the phone before the reset.

Anybody know where I can get it?  I've searched the Play Store and don't find anything for Verizon voicemail.

Now it seems I have to call *86 to get voicemail, though I'm not sure how I will know I even have any voicemail.


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Re: Voicemail app for Samsung S9
Customer Service Rep

Hello, ACANFIEL. We're very sorry to hear that the Voicemail app for your Samsung Galaxy S9 cannot be found. We understand how peculiar this is and we definitely want to make sure that you can use Visual Voicemail successfully once again. We understand that you mentioned that you reset your device prior to this happening. Can you please describe how you reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 device? -Brett