Voicemail notification still appearing always

I have an unlocked #Galaxy s21 ultra 5g,and after a few months of having the pay as you go Verizon service my voicemail notification won't go away. I've removed sim, cleared data and cache on voicemail app and phone app, turned off notifications for voicemail, force stopped both phone and voicemail, and cleared all voicemails. I cannot figure this one out and I do not want to factory reset my phone for fear that it may not work and I'll have to re-download everything. Has anyone had this issue and tried all the online fixes above?

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Re: Voicemail notification still appearing always
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Notification icon issues are never fun. Our goal is to help. Based on the info provided, you've completed good troubleshooting steps. At the time, the most effective step would be to perform the factory reset and we can assist with any issues going forward. -Corey