Voicemail notification will not go away
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(I apologize, I put this in another forum post, but re-read the initial post closer and realized it wasn't the same issue)


The voicemail notification that appears in the top bar of my Samsung Galaxy S10 will not go away. I currently have no new voicemails and five saved voicemails. I first noticed the issue on Sunday, so I am unsure if it has anything to do with the most recent update to the phone that was performed about a week ago. I've performed searches on the topic, finding the following solutions listed below that have not been successful in removing the notification:

1.) Call myself, leave a voicemail, then go back into voicemail to remove the message I just left for myself

2.) Clear data/cache from the Phone app under Settings > Applications, then power cycle the phone (I've tried with both just a reboot and a full power down)

3.) Reset the network settings (under Settings > Genereal Management > Reset), then power cycle the phone (which this was also a pain because now I have to re-add all of the wireless networks and bluetooth devices that I have configured to automatically connect to my phone under certain conditions)


I contacted Samsung about the issue, which they have stated that it is a carrier issue.


Any suggestions to determine a solution (short of resetting the entire phone) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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