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I have a S21+ with the latest updates. When I receive a voice mail I no longer get an icon stating that a voicemail has been received. Any suggestions would be great. I tried the some of the options when calling my voicemail but nothing states notifications. Thanks


this just started and it was working fine before

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It's certainly important to get a notification when a new voicemail message comes in, Jimfleming2. I know I wouldn't want to miss any important voicemail messages myself. Let's work on getting this back working. Aside from the update, what else recently changed on your device? What happens if you try to access data off of WiFi?


What happens if you follow these steps to make sure notifications are still enabled for the Voicemail application? https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-211621/


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Reset Voicemail App Preferences:

Go to your phone's Settings.
Search for "Apps" or "Applications" and open it.
Tap the three-dot menu (overflow menu) at the top right corner.
Select "Reset app preferences" from the dropdown menu.
This will reset the preferences for all apps, including voicemail, and may help restore notifications.